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Need an activity for a substitute? A surprise snow day? For students who have finished early? Eagle Eye Citizen has activities that are perfect in a pinch!

Solving a Challenge
Creating a Challenge
Further Tips
  • “Bite-sized,” substantive, meaningful, but also fun, engaging.
  • Each challenge takes between 5 and 10 minutes.
  • Excellent for students who have finished their assignment in class.
  • Assign students to take 2 or 3 challenges related to your current unit in the event of school closing or with a substitute teacher.
  • More in-depth and challenging. Students have to think about content, skills, and audience. What is too hard, what is too easy? What is surprising or interesting?
  • Creating a quality challenge should take 30 minutes to 45 minutes.
  • Having students work in pairs may be useful.
  • With some classroom practice, creating a challenge on your current unit of study could also be assigned in the event school closing or with a substitute teacher.
  • Students can create and solve challenges during a snow day or with a substitute and then share with the class when you are back in school.
  • “How To” videos on the site make directions for creating challenges easy.
  • As challenges are organized by topic, students can be directed to create and/or solve challenges related to the current topic in class at any time.