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Eagle Eye Citizen encourages student achievement through a series of rewards that reflect engagement with primary sources. Badges, votes, and rankings are awarded for solving, creating, rating, and sharing challenges with others.

Votes and Ranking
Student Profile Page

Students earn achievement badges for solving and creating challenges in particular themes, such as Elections, Constitution, Civil Rights, Citizenship, and Legislative Branch.

  • Solve 2 challenges in one theme
  • Solve 5 challenges in one theme
  • Create 2 challenges in one theme
  • Create 5 challenges in one theme

Students earn votes for each challenge they solve, create, rate, and share on social media.

For each challenge solved a student earns 100 votes and for each challenge created a student earns 250 votes. Students can also gain votes for rating challenges:

  • Solving a challenge = 100 votes
  • Creating a challenge = 250 votes
  • Rating a challenge = 50 votes
  • Another player takes a challenge the student created = 25 votes
  • Another player rates a challenge the student created with 4 or 5 stars = 25 votes

As students gain votes they move up the ranks of Congress. Starting as a member of Congress, they move up to subcommittee chair, committee chair, all the way up to Majority Leader, and finally Master Legislator with 25,000 votes.

  • Member of Congress = Initial rank
  • Subcommittee Chair= 500 votes
  • Committee Chair = 1,000 votes
  • Minority Policy Committee Chair = 2,500 votes
  • Majority Policy Committee Chair = 5,000 votes
  • Minority Whip = 7,500 votes
  • Majority Whip = 10,000 votes
  • Minority Leader = 15,000 votes
  • Majority Leader = 20,000 votes
  • Master Legislator = 25,000 votes

The Student Profile Page displays each student’s activity and achievements on Eagle Eye Citizen.

  • Badges
  • Number of votes
  • Ranking
  • Challenges created
  • Ratings of their created challenges
  • A leaderboard of challenges
  • Profile Image